Drum roll, please.

Timeframe since 2007
Client Antonius Grützner
Field Music
Link https://antoniusgruetzner.de

Toni is a drummer, he plays in numerous bands and also gives lessons in a music school. For his website – which also includes great samples from his songs in genres jazz and metal – I had full freedom of design, and as you can see also an incredible amount of time back then...

Antonius Grützner: Screenshot der Startseite
Antonius Grützner: Screenshot der StartseiteCaption

A website with great detail

It must have been the year 2006 when I created the first version of this site. At that time it was still a Flash site (some of you may remember), inspired by O'Neill's legendary corporate Flash site... with great mouseover effects and lots of hidden animations.

Now this is already the third revision of the page, and still I like to show it off - every single brush stroke is hand drawn.

Antonius Grützner: Screenshot mobile Ansicht
Screenshot mobile Version

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